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The following customized Site Index represents the site pages that are available to you:

Information: A collection of Public information associated with NYSA

About NYSA: General background information about our Association

Board of Directors: Our current Board of Directors is elected from amongst the membership with terms beginning each Calendar Year

Calendar: Display the scheduled NYSA Events and Meetings


Coaches: A list of the key Coaches in the Association

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions contains a series of Topics that are intended to provide information about how a Visitor interacts with NYSA or referees.NorthshoreSoccer.org

Field Locations: For those trying to locate one of the fields in our area that we schedule matches at, a summary of the Playing Locations (fields) that our teams use is available on the site (as well as the abilty to obtain a map to get there from wherever you are)

Jamboree: Register a non-NYSA Team for the NYSA PreSeason Jamboree

Match Inquiry: Permits you to lookup Assignments and available Matches scheduled by the NYSA

Office: We operate a physical office to coordinate NYSA activities, which is open during specific operating hours

Ref Evaluation: Complete an Evaluation of a Referee at a Match that you observed

Referee: General description of the Northshore Youth Soccer Association Referee program

Registration: Manage the arrival of Player Registration forms, monies, status, etc.

Select Programs: Basic information about the NYSA's Select programs and the general goals of the program

SiteIndex: An outline of the site pages available for use

Standings: Display Match results by Age, Gender, and Division

Terminology: Our defined Terms and terminology used on referees.NorthshoreSoccer.org

Logon: Identify yourself to NYSA

Help: Frequently Asked Questions contains a series of Topics that are intended to provide information about how a Referee interacts with NYSA or the Site

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Reset Password: Initiate a Password reset for your SiteName at NYSA