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728539/30/2023Sat9:00 am0GU15Big Finn Hill TurfUnited G09 DynamoIFC G09 RockstarsOpen
728529/30/2023Sat9:00 am0GU13North Creek #4United G11 PanthersBUFC G11 VipersOpen
728499/30/2023Sat9:30 am0BU13Sixty Acres #10United B11 RacersXFRec B11 Juanita UnitedOpen
728509/30/2023Sat11:00 am0GU14Sixty Acres #10United G10 Blue LightningSnoqualmie FC G10 Golden GoalsOpen
728519/30/2023Sat12:30 pm0GU14Sixty Acres #10United G10 MysticsLHSC G10 MindflayersOpen
728479/30/2023Sat1:30 pm0GU15North Creek #4United G09 Red HotsUnited G09 ReignOpen
728489/30/2023Sat3:30 pm0BU13North Creek #4United B11 FalconsUnited B11 DynamiteOpen
7285410/1/2023Sun10:30 am0BU14North Creek #2United B10 BearsNorth Bend FC B10 DragonsOpen
7285510/1/2023Sun12:00 pm0BU14North Creek #2United B10 StingersUnited B10 HornetsOpen
7285610/1/2023Sun1:30 pm0BU15North Creek #2United B09 VolcanoesMI B09 BanditsOpen
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