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The NYSA website is made up of a Public Area (the home page itself, all pages under the Information Segment, and the Logon-> Segment you are currently looking at) and a Private Area (all the other areas of the Site). The Private Segments of the Site require that you logon-> (identify yourself) to referees.NorthshoreSoccer.org before you can access them. To do this, you'll need to know your NYSA SiteName and your own password.

Your SiteName is a unique combination of your Common Name (First+Middle+Last) already entered in your NYSA profile that distinctly identifies you as an individual. The Middle Initial/Name IS required, but ONLY IF it is on file with the NYSA. The SiteName itself is NOT case sensitive and ignores blanks.

As you might expect, managing over 40,000 Members and passwords is not a simple task, so help us by selecting which one of the following conditions matches your situation and follow the instructions listed below:

You know your SiteName and your Password
Click the Logon button and enter your SiteName and Password. Access the approved private Segments of the Site by clicking on the appropriate category (we call them Segments or Role based areas of the site) at the left edge of the web page.
You have forgotten your Password
If you know your SiteName and have your Email address on file with referees.NorthshoreSoccer.org the Logon: Reset Password page provides a mechanism to reset your password.
You have forgotten what Common Name you previously used for your SiteName
If your name is something like Robert, but you are unsure if NYSA has Robert or Bob or Rob listed as your Common Name, you can keep trying the different possible combinations, call the Office or send an email message to Office@Northshoresoccer.org
You received an Email welcoming you to the NYSA
The Email should contain a website address (URL) to link you directly to the NYSA website's Password tab permitting you to set your Password. After you have successfully logged on, you can set or change your password whenever you'd like on the Password tab at Member: Profile-Password.
You are new to the NYSA or new to the area
Fill out the Logon: Join NYSA page and within 1-2 business days you will receive an Email message letting you know the status of your Membership request.
Your child is registered (or was previously registered), but you have never logged on
Send an email message to Office@NorthshoreSoccer.org identifying the Player's name and yourself (Name, etc.) requesting your SiteName and access instructions.
None of the above
Send an email message to Office@NorthshoreSoccer.org identifying yourself (Name, etc.) along with any questions you may have.