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About NYSA

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The Northshore Youth Soccer Association is a non-profit Washington State organization that provides structure to the youth soccer program in our area.

Our area is generally defined as consisting of the geographical area covered by the Northshore School District (#417)-> and the Maltby area. This area is generally at the north end of Lake Washington, near Seattle, in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Basic Demographics

NYSA is organized into 7 clubs. The NYSA membership in 2015 consisted of over 5,100 players from U06 to U19 on over 500 soccer teams. We will participate in approximately 2,600 matches during the calendar year at all levels of play.

Soccer Organization

We operate under Bylaws adopted by the NYSA Board of Directors as a Washington State Association (#10) within Washington State District II-> which also includes our neighbors to the south (Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association-> and Eastside Youth Soccer Association-> ) and the East (Snoqualmie Valley Youth Soccer Association-> ).

These four Associations make up District II-> within the Washington State Youth Soccer Association-> (WSYSA), one of the member Associations of Region IV-> of the United States Youth Soccer Association-> (USYSA), which is one of the National Associations of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

The NYSA is not a member organization associated with the [a1]American Youth Soccer Association (AYSO), but we have great respect for their efforts.