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How do Referees Self Assign to referee games?Printable

The purpose of SelfAssign is to enable a referee to assign themselves to a specific game's open CR or AR positions, provided that the open CR or AR position they are seeking falls within certain prescribed requirements (called Rules). If successful, SelfAssign eliminates the time spent attempting to coordinate contact between the referee and referee assignors.

How Self Assign Works...

Self Assign works by requesting the referee specify a match number (i.e. game) and a position (i.e. CR or AR) and then applying several conditions to the referee and the requested position to determine if referee can referee that particular game. To eliminate the need for a referee to know the desired match number, the Referee, Match Inquiry page applies some basic checks against unfilled positions and places a Green Plus symbol selfassign next to position(s) that may be available to the referee.More

Self Assign Rules

Each of the following rules are applied to determine if the requested position filled by the referee.

Ranking: Does the referee have sufficient experience to referee the game?
Each game has a certain complexity associated with it (i.e. a ranking from 1 to 15 with 15 being the most complex). Every referee has a ranking for the center (CR) position and for the assistant (AR) position. The referee rankings are also from 1 to 15 for CR and 1 to 15 for AR with 15 being the highest experience level. The SelfAssign process compares the game's position ranking with the referee's position ranking. The referee's ranking must be equal to or greater than the game's ranking in order for the referee to be able to self assign to the game's position. For example, if the game's CR ranking is 6, then the referee's CR ranking must be 6 or higher in order to self assign to that game's CR position.
TooClose: Already refereeing another game?
A referee cannot self assign to a game if the referee is already refereeing a different game that is within X minutes of the requested game (where X = 60 to 90 minutes depending on the age level of the games).
Match Reports: Has the referee filed all the Match Reports that are due?
Please remember to file all Match Reports that are due using Referee, Match Report.-> Referees can view a list of their due Match Reports by clicking on Referee.More
DailyCR: The referee is requesting too many Center Referee positions on the requested date?
NYSA limits the number of center referee positions that a referee have on any single day. Referees simply cannot perform physically or mentally for a large number of games in a single day. It is not good for the referee and/or the game's participants. That said, if the requested game is within 6 days and the CR or AR position is still open, then this rule is overridden (the idea here is that an overworked referee is better than no referee).
WeekyCR: The referee is self assigning to too many center positions during the week?
NYSA limits the number of center referee positions that referees can self assign to during a single week. This is to try to insure that referees do a proper job of pacing themselves over the course of the season. Also ensures that referees have opportunities to referee in the winter/spring season when there are not as many games as in the fall season.
TeamMaximum: Referee is trying to self assign to a game that includes a team that the referee has refereed too many times
In an effort to try to spread all referees around to different teams, the self assign process will not permit a referee to self assign to a game's position involving a team that the referee refereed within X number of days. For example, X is generally 21 days in the winter/spring season and 7 days during the fall season. This rule is overridden if the game date is within 6 days or less. The reason being that a referee that has recently done the same team is better than no Referee.
Date: Is the Match on or after the current date?
Obviously, a referee can only SelfAssign to a game that is scheduled for a future date.
Assigned: Is the requested Position available?
A referee can only assign to a position that is available. If another referee already has filled the position or the game has been held out of the SelfAssign process, by the referee assignor, then the position will not be available.

Referee has passed the Rules checks

If all the applicable rules and conditions have been met, then the referee will be will be presented with a list of games to referee. To self assign to a particular game's CR or AR position, then click on the green plus symbol selfassign by the game's CR or AR position. The referee will be assigned to the game's position in real time and the referee's name will appear on that game's CR or AR position on the NYSA website's match inquiry page.

Referee has failed the Rules checks

If a referee did not succeed in passing all the rules' checks, then please remedy the rule(s) that were not met. For example, if a referee's Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management form is not cleared, then fill out the Risk Managment form on the NYSA website (i.e. see Referee, Status).

For rules not listed above or to ask for special consideration for a particular game's position, then please contact the appropriate referee assignor. To veiw a list of the current assignors click on Referee, List Assignors-> Updated January 2012